At Castlemain, we work for and with Indigenous communities and organizations. We strive to build meaningful and productive relationships that serve the needs of our clients. Relationships are at the heart of why we do what we do, and we are committed to continue to support our clients through this period of uncertainty.

To support our clients, and Indigenous communities across Canada, our team has spent time over the last few weeks putting together this free community engagement and communications toolkit as part of our own response to COVID-19. Our team members wanted to show our support, and we thought one way to do that would be to share our knowledge and expertise and  develop tools and materials that could easily an be used by Indigenous communities and organizations during these difficult times and beyond.

What is the engagement and communications toolkit?  

Based on conversations and input from our clients and our networks, we developed a free engagement and communications toolkit with resources that support Indigenous communities and organizations in their ongoing efforts to share information and communicate with their members. The toolkit includes:

  • A social media kit – with pre-written posts and images that can be shared on social media channels.
  • Document templates – general document templates that have been designed so Nations can add their own logo and branding. These include agenda templates, memos, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • A policy checklist – A checklist for Indigenous governments and organizations to reference with ideas around the potential policies and governance mechanisms that can be used to ensure that decision-making processes are not interrupted, and day-to-day governance can continue.
  • EI and funding help sheet – A help sheet on EI/Funding with all of the available funding for individuals and for Indigenous businesses and communities.
  • Communication tools help sheet – A help sheet with information on some of the telecommunications tools and software that Indigenous communities and organizations we work with have been leaning on.

How can communities/others use this Toolkit?

The toolkit has been developed so all the materials can be updated with a Nation or organization’s own logos and branding. The goal of the toolkit is to provide resources that can be easily used and distributed to members, in order to support with communications.

Each document was created with Microsoft Office, and includes instruction for how to update the logos, colours, and formatting. This will make it easier for each community or organization to customize and share the content that is most valuable to their members, on their channels.

Engagement and Communications Full Toolkit

Download specific sections of the toolkit

Questions or assistance

If you have any questions, or need assistance with any of the tools provided, please contact us. The toolkit is free, and so is our assistance with it.

We would like to acknowledge the community clients and colleagues who generously offered insights into what tools may be most useful.

We will continue to create toolkit materials that serve our clients and Indigenous communities across Canada. If there are materials that would be helpful for you and your community, please let us know.