Wild Salmon Alliance

Planning for the future of Wild Salmon in BC

Salmon is an integral part of the identity of many First Nations in BC The First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance is a province-wide organization that was formed to bring various Nations and First Nations advocates together to protect salmon, and to build capacity to encourage recovery and restoration of salmon populations. Castlemain worked with the First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance to coordinate a two-day strategic dialogue session and we hope to continue to provide support to this important organization.

“I am very pleased with the outcome and the Final Report of the Wild Salmon Strategic Dialogue Session. There was broad representation of First Nations from across BC, along with numerous ENGO’s and other organizations who wish to see Wild Salmon as a key priority for the New Federal Liberal Government” 

– Chief Bob Chamberlin

What was achieved

  • Brought together diverse parties to collaborate and discuss a shared vision about the future of salmon in British Columbia.
  • Worked with the alliance to plan a two-day strategic dialogue session with 150 delegates to facilitate organized, structured discussion regarding the existing threats to wild salmon, and to identify actions to address these threats.
  • Worked with the alliance to author a comprehensive report with specific policy recommendations for multiple levels of government.
  • This two-day dialogue session produced a final report that was provided with all BC First Nations, and senior provincial and federal government representatives, including the Minister of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Delegates in attendance at the first First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance Workshop

Recommendations to ensure the survival of wild salmon in BC

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