Lower Nicola Indian Band

Lower Nicola Indian Band takes back control of reserve lands

For LNIB, the implementation of a First Nations Land Code is a significant advancement in their path towards self-government and economic prosperity. By successfully ratifying their Land Code, LNIB gained control of their reserve lands and put lawmaking on reserve lands back in the hands of members. Our team worked with the Lower Nicola Indian Band through their Land Code engagement and ratification. From developing concise materials about the Land Code to meeting with families to address concerns, we ensured all members had the information they needed to make an informed decision.

What was achieved

  • Delivered the gold standard in project management and engagement process for Land Code.
  • Impassioned community members about gaining jurisdiction and management control of their reserve lands.
  • Responsive, factual and dynamic communications directly with members from the beginning, through to ratification day.

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Voters said “YES”

Sections of the Indian Act no longer apply to Lower Nicola Indian Band

Year Project Timeline Successfully Compressed into One Year

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