Meet our new team member, Emily!


December, 2016

Emily Riddle is nehiyaw (Plains Cree), a member of the Alexander First Nation in Treaty Six. She holds a BA in Political Science and Native Studies, and a Certificate in Aboriginal Governance & Partnership from the University of Alberta, and is currently completing a MA in Political Science at the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining Castlemain Emily worked with the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health at UBC and the Aboriginal Governance Program at the University of Alberta. She has worked with various First Nations and Métis communities on projects relating to governance & policy, education, and health.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

If I could witness one historical event I would definitely choose to see my ancestors on a buffalo hunt. Though this is no longer a seasonal part of Plains Cree life like it once was, it structures so much of how we conceive of ourselves as a people and I think could provide guidance on how we should move forward in our collective governance.

What does reconciliation mean to you?

To me, reconciliation should make room for Indigenous peoples to return and maintain positive relations with our lands, with people within our nations, and with non-Indigenous people on our territories within frameworks and logics of our ancestors. A major component of this should consist of non-Indigenous people learning about where they live and then enacting that learning.

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