Born and raised in Quesnel, B.C., Torrye has a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Biomedicine and a minor in First Nations Studies from the University of Northern British Columbia.

Her previous work was centered around international development and sustainable procurement. She was a national manager who worked with community groups, businesses and government to build relationships, campaigns and policies that benefited both people and the planet.

She is a talented project manager with strong communications and supply chain management skills. Her expertise lies within the social, cultural and environmental elements and opportunities within community and economic development.

Torrye lives on Vancouver Island and takes every opportunity she can to be outside with her friends and family.

What does reconciliation mean to you?
Reconciliation, to me, means acknowledging the wrongs that have occurred over our country’s history, along with the colonial structures that are still present within our society. This is painful work, as it involves understanding how each of us have been (or still are) a part of this system. However, I believe it creates needed space to have conversations on how we can heal and rebuild together, to create a more inclusive Canada.

Is there anything you’re particularly excited to work on at CMG?
I am looking forward to working on projects surrounding the preservation of socio-cultural elements within First Nations traditional food systems and languages. May it be through natural resource management or the development of materials to ensure knowledge is passed down to future generations. Within the right context, I am also excited to investigate ways these projects could stimulate economic development opportunities within communities across Canada.

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