Strategic Engagement & Communications

Strategic engagement and communications is at the heart of Castlemain’s work for and with Indigenous organizations and communities. It is often the key to achieving the vision, goals, and objectives of our clients. It also represents the Castlemain approach – to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients – especially on complex projects or initiatives that require clarity, transparency, and informed decision-making.

Informed decision-making is critical to the long-term success of any organization or community, and Castlemain is dedicated to supporting the process. The team takes great pride in their ability to translate complex ideas and data into focused and accessible information. Through community meetings or dialogue based events, print or online communications material, or large decision-making engagement strategies, we will design and implement an approach that always meets the needs of our clients.

Strategic Engagement Services

Engaged and informed communities participate in and support good decisions. Strategic engagement helps to align community interests, and reduces the risk of a client initiative or decision going in an undesirable direction. Strategic engagement also supports the development of strong communities based on traditional relationships, trust and unity. Castlemain’s strategic engagement services include:


  • Evaluation of existing engagement polices and plans for informed decision-making
  • Alignment of client goals and objectives with a clear strategic engagement plan
  • Working with clients to implement their strategic engagement plan
  • Supporting community decision-making and ratification
  • Designing, developing and facilitating strategic engagement events
  • Improving and supporting internal community and member engagement

Communications Services

Effective communication honours all voices, builds relationships, increases mutual trust and respect, provides transparency, generates community cohesion, and facilitates solutions. Castlemain’s communications services include:


  • Assessment, evaluation and preparation of communications policies and plans
  • Surveys, analysis and research for and on behalf of clients
  • Development of digital/media tools to support strategic engagement objectives (e.g. interactive website design and development)
  • Production of content and messaging (e.g. social and traditional media platforms)
  • Development and implementation of communications campaigns
  • Production of audio and visual storytelling (e.g. creative design and video production)
  • Provision of data-driven analytics, targeting and reporting
  • Design, development and implementation of media strategies