Meet our new team member, Brendon!


March, 2013

Brendon Grant is a proud member of the Haisla Nation and graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance. Brendon recently worked on Real Estate and LNG development projects with Haisla’s financial advisors for over four years in San Diego, California.

What excited you most about the future with Castlemain?

The opportunity to deliver long-term results on economic development projects. Many First Nations communities are at a certain period of economic growth or just getting economic development projects underway. Over the course of my career, I’d like to see a good proportion of First Nations being able to access capital markets as freely as corporations and municipalities. Access to all forms of financing is critical for real investments, employment, and passive income streams.

Is there anything you’re particularly excited to work on at CMG?

I’m most excited about potential real estate development projects. In my opinion, developing land close to the community is the first step in expanding regionally and beyond. The Canada Pension Plan sets a good template on how to invest in diverse real estate assets globally.

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