Racheal is a community economic development specialist with ten years of experience working with Indigenous communities throughout Canada. She is an enthusiastic project manager with experience in business development, fisheries management, environmental consulting, harbour management, entrepreneur support, supply chain management, seafood traceability, policy development, and fisheries observer training. Racheal holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fisheries Biology as well as a certificate in Community Economic Development from Simon Fraser University.

What excites you most about the future with CMG?
I am on the PICFI Business Development Team at the Castlemain Group; we work with the 25 Indigenous Commercial Fishing Enterprises (CFEs) here on the west coast of Canada. Each CFE has an individual approach to business and community development, and I am excited to be working with each of them to really dig into out how I can be of service.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?
If it were possible to see any event in history, I would love to be able to go back in time and see the huge salmon runs that you hear stories about, where the rivers were so full of fish you could cross the stream by walking on their backs.

It would also be pretty neat to be a fly on the wall when the Beatles played live on the Ed Sullivan show.

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