More Housing for Tahltan Nation Will Be Owned and Managed by the Nation


July, 2018

We are pleased to have supported the Tahltan Band Council and BC Housing in working collaboratively to reach an agreement to transfer 17 housing units to the Stikine Housing Authority, the newly created Non-Profit Housing Society. The project is estimated at a total value of $2.35 million dollars, with over $540,000 in funding for the immediate renovation of some of the homes.

Chief Rick McLean is hopeful that this project is a step in the right direction,

“It is a great move ahead, and an interim solution on the housing crisis that the Tahltan Nation is facing.”

Chief Rick Mclean

Tahltan Band Council

Stikine Housing Authority’s goals will be to increase the housing opportunities for members of the Tahltan Band by providing quality and affordable housing options and engaging in renovation and rehabilitation projects to improve the current housing quality.

The 17 homes that are being transferred were initially built for Heda Housing by Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) in the early 1990s and have since been transferred from CMHC to BC Housing and lately to M’Akola Housing Society. In regaining control and ownership of these units, Stikine Housing intends to locally manage the housing and develop a best course of action for their current and future use. Some of the units have met the end of their economic life and Stikine Housing will begin a process to redevelop some of the lands with an intent to provide a broad range of housing options for community members.

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