National Aboriginal History Month: Musqueam Indian Band


June, 2017

The Musqueam people have lived in their present location for thousands of years. Their traditional territory occupies what is now known as Vancouver and surrounding areas. The Musqueam people are a fishing people whose songs, stories and culture are closely aligned with the Fraser River. Musqueam means People of the River Grass and relates back to the məθkʷəy̓ (Grass) that grows near the Fraser River that the Musqueam people have lived alongside for thousands of years.


Today, the Musqueam Nation is flourishing and Castlemain has had the privilege in working with Musqueam on many interesting initiatives. Recently, Castlemain’s communications team built the Musqueam Capital Corporation’s website. You can visit it here:

Castlemain also worked with Musqueam to put together an ambitious strategy to restore degraded aquatic habitats within Musqueam Creek, Cutthroat Creek, and West Creek. The development of this Aquatic Habitat Restoration Plan is the first phase of a long-term restoration plan based on Musqueam’s experiences in managing, protecting and restoring aquatic habitat since time immemorial.

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