T’Sou-ke Nation – Contract 1 Completed


April, 2018

The clearing and levelling portion of the T’sou-ke Nation Commercial Development project is now complete. The project valued at $5.4-million consist of developing infrastructure and a commercial development. The infrastructure development will include roads, power, water supply and lighting. The commercial development portion of the project will include the construction of a Petro-Canada gas station and convenience store combined with a Tim Hortons, the installation of gas tanks, and a state-of-the-art water treatment facility.

The Commercial Development will have a positive economic impact, and provide employment opportunities both during the construction and development phase, and after the project is completed.

The  grand opening for the Petro-Canada and Tim Hortons is scheduled for November 2018.

Site Before:

Site during Contract #1:

Site after Contract #1:

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