How We Work

Understanding the Needs of our Clients

At Castlemain, we work for and with Indigenous organizations and communities, as well as other organizations that support their goals and objectives. We strive to build meaningful and productive relationships that serve the needs of our clients, and we are proud that many of our new clients choose to work with us on a repeat basis. Based on our expertise, our services are also sought after by all levels of government.

While the work is often complex, we like to keep things simple, for ourselves and our clients.

Generally, our work follows a three-step process, designed to achieve success for our clients:


Establishing a Relationship

Who you are and what we do. Understanding the needs of our Indigenous clients is critical to a successful engagement and outcome for our clients. We make every effort to understand all aspects of the issues and opportunities facing our clients, before moving forward with a proposal.


Reaching Agreement

Collaborating on a path forward. Once we understand the priorities of our clients, we present a proposal and budget that defines the scope of the engagement with Castlemain.


Delivering Results

Connecting the dots between vision and action. Implementation is what separates Castlemain from the rest of the pack. Our team thrives on working in and with communities to achieve the results our clients are looking for.