Governance and Policy

Indigenous peoples have the inherent right to govern. Our goal is to ensure this right is realized in practice, and respected by other governments, industries and the public in Canada.

Castlemain provides Indigenous communities with governance services across three priority areas. We work together with our clients to create and strengthen core governance systems, processes and policies – all of which unify and strengthen governance institutions, and the social and economic base of Nations and their communities.

Services Offered

Strategic Policy Development

  • Organizational, regional, provincial, or federal policy advisory services
  • Strategic planning and facilitation
  • Outcome-focused strategic event planning
  • Policy and program evaluation

Core Governance and Unity Building

  • Comprehensive community planning
  • Governance and administrative policy and procedures (e.g. human resources, financial)
  • Governance reform (e.g. Custom Election Code advisory)

Land Governance

  • Land Code advisory (e.g. project management, community engagement, land code drafting, ratification management, etc.)
  • Land Code implementation (e.g. law and policy development)
  • Consultation Policy development